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Ok, I have an brief (sort of) point form, here it is...

1. About 3 months ago my best friend (who is 28) and her partner broke up. (her partner left her, now they don't speak, her ex is living in another country now)

2. About a month ago, my best friend met a girl in another state, and a few days later she came to stay with her here. She was sort of interested in her, but nothing happened really. Through this girl she met another girl, let's call her X. X is 21 and has a 1 year old daughter.

3. the space of 3 weeks, my BF (best friend) and X got together and basically lived together, and are now sort of looking for a house to rent together. (right now my BF's apartment is too small)

4. None of our friends like kids or are used to having the huge lifestyle change that comes with babies/ we're sort of...awkward about this. My BF loves kids and is I think happy enough with that part of the situation. She may lose some friends though (not me), as they can't go out anywhere anymore unless there's a babysitter (which there seldom is, as everyone we know is not into kids and isn't available to do those sorts of things)

5. X has a sort of ex partner, who she broke up with after she and my BF got together. This ex is trying to win her back now, and X is confused about what she wants.

6. This is really upsetting my BF as she feels she's going into this incredibly fast and it's such a big change and her friends don't like it, etc, and to do all this and then to have X not even sure of what she wants, who she wants to be with, etc?

7. X is also a sex worker (brothel) and was a drug user up until 2 weeks before they met.

So...(there is more, but I won't bore all of you)...this sounds horrible on paper and in theory. BF obviously has feelings or she wouldn't be there, would she?

What does everyone think?

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