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First of all, shame on your brother for hooking you up with a cheater! How well did your brother know this guy before providing him with your phone number?

He sounds very manipulative to me. Of course it hurts that he tells you that he loves you but then messes around with other women!!! It hurts and YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE TREATED THAT WAY!!! I don't think he loves you, if he did, he would want you and only you.

This guy cheated on his girlfriend with you. How do you think he's ever going to be faithful to you? He's now continued to cheat on you. Do you think you're going to change him? I don't think so, because men like this can't be changed! There are no special tricks or no special little statements that you can use to get him to stop cheating. He'd have to want to quit on his own, and maybe he says that he does -- but why should he? You continue to put up with it. So there's no reason for him to stop. Have you heard the expression "having your cake and eating it too?" That's him. And it's not fair to you at all!!!!

You say you have never had a guy treat you like he does. What, you've never had a guy CHEAT on you like this before? Because he's not treating you very nicely. What does he do that's so great? Manipulate you? I don't think that is very nice at all!

Don't let him continue to drive you nuts! I'm sure his inability to be faithful to you is bringing down your self esteem. Don't let him get away with that anymore.

I say, find someone who will be faithful to you, because there are plenty of guys out there who will!

Another reason you need to do that is because being with this guy is a good way to catch an STD. His cheating may bring a disease around your way. Condoms don't protect against all diseases. Each time he kisses someone else and then kisses you, he's giving you the potential for a disease such as herpes. Condoms also don't protect against herpes because they don't cover up the entire area.

Have some self respect and stop letting this guy manipulate you. Sure, it may hurt to break things off with him initially, but in the end you'll feel better about it.

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