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I think taking time and demanding a friendship is a good thing to do. She has given to you what is important to her....many women don't know how important this is. Waiting for a person and having a friendship with sexual/deep emotional constraints is mature in my book.

You will find out how important it is when you go through life cycles with a mate. If you don't have respect/fun/friendship/communication with a life mate....when the hard times may feel like you never, ever knew this person. It becomes hard to stay with them because you feel like you have no bond, no basic friendship to fall back on.

Each person in a relationship needs their own space and keeps you happy and interesting to your mate. Long term relationships are hard to keep....times get really rough. Sex does not keep you together...being able to trust and "be" be able to have a healthy centered self is key. If you don't give and take on an equal as possible basis....about the time you hit 40 and you think...."is this what the rest of my life is going to be", you'll not make it with your partner.

You need a healthy friendship and mutual respect. If you don't feel good and happy with your course in life, work it out with your partner to keep you both going in the same direction. Your life will be one of cycles and you will be rushed as have to find ways for you both to be able to relax and enjoy it.

My idea of the right direction.....well...Tahiti would be nice!!:p

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