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I have to agree with the previous poster. You are not picky enough and its seems you are just settling. Many men just don't want a real relationship..they just want what is readily available to them to satisfy a need. They don't have that built in desire to settle down with just one woman. If you really want a relationship then try as was suggested...internet dating. Go on EHarmony or At least there you can be choosy and know that many of the men on there are looking to establish a long lasting relationship. I went that route but didn't have much luck myself but that doesn't mean you won't. I did wind up with some very good guy friends out of it though. At 49 I had just decided to give up finding a long lasting relationship (I had my share of too many losers) and I had already been on my own for nearly 5 years with just my son living at home and it was then that I finally met the guy I am currently with. Finally I had met a man (he is 8 years older than me) who would let me into his life and tell me all about himself and not hold back. He loves being with me and spending time with me. We are together now 24/7 except when we go to work. The best way to find someone that I found is to follow your gut instincts and do things you enjoy doing. If you love music and dancing then go out and do it. Men who love the same thing will be there. If you love art then go to a museum. I went out with my girlfriend who is married one evening just to go dancing and get the hell out of the house. The guy I met was in the band that played there that night. I liked him..thought he was extremely attractive but never thought that he would be even remotely interested in me. I found out a month later how wrong I was. He had given me his band card cuz we wanted to know where they played again and before I knew it we were emailing back and forth and finding out about each other. I took matters into my own hands and asked him questions...married or single....and later on finally asked him if he wanted a relationship. At the time he wasn't really sure because he didn't want another royal b*tch in his life. We took our time over a period of two months to talk and find out more about each other and the more we talked the more we liked about each other. Finally the day came when he asked me to go out with him. Albeit it wasn't really a date of sorts since he had his grandson and sister with him. We had a great time and when he held my hand for the first time it was all over for him. We both kinda fell head over heels that day. There was no real kissing or anything until the next time I saw him and we had a chance to be alone. lol There are relationship minded men out there...some are a tad bit gun shy so be patient and you will find him. Good luck to you!

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