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Maybe your fiance should try antidepressants intead of mary jane. He's self medicating his mood swings and could possibly eliminate the drugs if he's seen by a doctor. Just an opinion.

I can relate to you though I've only been with my boyfriend for 2 months. I have a full plate with my own problems at work and struggling to maintain a household by myself while he has health problems and is in constant anger. I am usually trying to pick him up when I don't understand why he doesn't just accept his faults and move forward on a positive note. He chooses to be a vitim and I have to fight every day of my life to make ends meet. I have my own place and since he's not working he sleeps there until 3pm, I drive him around because he lost his license and he still is angry about his life situation. I've never had as much help from anyone as I am giving him or even as much support. When do I get the support, I am the one doing everything and he's just feeling sorry for himself. LOL So I do understand and feel for you. Unfortunately since I am in the same situation I can only sympathize and don't know what advice to give.

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