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I'm in a fairly new relationship, long distance in fact, and right off the bat my boyfriend's Ex tried messing with us. She somehow faked an email from me to him leading him to believe that I was NOT interested in him. That was like two days after I met him! Well we talked about it and found out it was her and I didn't think much of it at the time, just let it roll off my shoulders. Well then when he was here visiting me for the weekend, she kept calling and texting him about stupid stuff, just trying to annoy us. Again I didn't think much of it. Then a couple weeks later he told me she said something mean about me to him and he really doesn't want to talk to her anymore. (He was only talking to her to try and be friends since they grew up together, and wanted to stay on good terms). It was quiet for a while and now she is back playing games and knows that I'm coming to see him this weekend and he says he wouldn't put anything past her. His solution to the problem is to ignore her. I'm not so sure that is going to work. I certainly don't want to ignore her and just put up with her psycho jedi mind tricks until she decides to go away, but I also don't want to do something that will upset my boyfriend. Any suggestions?
I have a similar situation, just not as extreme. My BF is also still friends with an ex who is still attached. He remains friends for the same reason, they grew up together.

I think both of our guys need to realize that sometimes some people just aren't healthy to keep as friends. A real friend wouldn't want to hurt someone they care about. If she really cared about his friendship she would want to get to know you right?!

At least your BF recognizes that she is a problem. (My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy!)

I don't think there is really anything YOU can do. Your boyfriend, being her friend, needs to really talk to her about backing off, and moving on, and to just get over it really. It may help if you meet his ex.

If him talking to her, and ignoring her childish, jealous behavior doesn't calm her down.. then you could always press harrassment charges or something. Not that you want to go that far, but unless she does something even more drastic, I think your options are limited.

she's jealous. she needs to get over it. I think that's probably something she'll only really be able to do on her own. Hopefully your boyfriend will realize sooner than later, that she is a bad friend and not worth keeping around. Maybe he needs to give her an ultimatum (spell check!?)

I would ask him to talk to her about her actions. Let him know (if he doesnt already) that it is really effecting your relationship, and that if keeping her "friendship" is more important than his relationship with you, then maybe he can't have both.

Good luck.

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