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My best friend is a single mom with a 9 year old daughter. She has found that the guys who she finds to date seem to assume that she just wants to have sex all the time just because she has a kid. It's rather pathetic, actually, these guys are. But she has no desire to "trap" any guy who wasn't 100% on board with her being a mom already. She would rather be a single parent.

Her ex-husband ingratiated his new girlfriend into their daughter's life right away, which caused a lot of problems for their daughter. He essentially said, this is my new gf, you have to call her "mom" and you have to love her, period. That was really confusing for their daughter and she never liked the new gf from the start. My friend, however, decided that she would not introduce her daughter to any boyfriend until she knows for sure that it's a relationship that is going somewhere. But she always tells the guy from the very beginning that she has a daughter.

I think it's really unfair for you to automatically assume she is desperate just because she's a single mom. Trust me, single moms would rather stay alone than go through another divorce, so I can pretty much guarantee that she has no interest in trapping you into anything. Don't assume things about people like that. Especially as it relates to single moms.

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