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[QUOTE=Diamond141;2738375]Hi, this is to the women who own a home, and their boyfriend moves in with them. How do you split the bills and housework? Remember, if you have a mortgage, would you expect your boyfriend to pay for 1/2 of everything, even if he's not on the deed? Or would he just pay you rent? Also, if it is a "renters" situation, how long before you would put him on the deed, if ever? I'm curious, since i'm in this situation, where boyfriend doesn't feel he should have to pay as much because "it's not his house". I had everything furnished also. Boyfriend is also a carpenter, but wants to get paid for any work he does on the house, because incase we break up he won't feel he got taken. (he lost everything in his divorce,,,so that's why he feels that way). Thanks for your replies...ive been struggling with this.[/QUOTE]

Are you joking? How can a smart woman that owns her own home not reread what she just wrote. Sounds like a big use to me. Don't let the "poor me, the ex took everything" get to you. There was probably a good reason why the ex got everything, if there was anything to get. Sorry I'm harsh but it strikes a nerve when males take advantage of innocent woman. Best of life

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