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[QUOTE=Hoop;2743071]I think it depends on the sequence of events that led up to the issue of buying the tickets. Did you and your female coworker discuss going to the concert together initially without your boyfriend? If so, I can understand how she will feel left out if you bring your boyfriend along as an after thought.

While it is not wrong for you to bring your boyfriend, you need to consider the initial plan here with your coworker, if there was one. If you both have already bought the tickets and you decide to invite your boyfriend along, offer to buy her out of her ticket if she changes her mind about going and not wanting to be a third wheel. At least this way she won't be out any money and it won't cost you any more money either, other than buying an extra ticket for you BF.[/QUOTE]

there wasnt an initial plan. the tickets went on sale ages ago and they all sold out quickly. anyway, on the weekend i went out with this co-worker and i found a bag at the train station that a lady left behind so i took it to the police station to hand it in. as i was looking for this lady's details to try and contact her, i found an order for a few chili pepper tickets. i was like how lucky is this women, shes going to the chili peppers concert. my co-worker goes, oh im going to that concert. im like thats my favourite band. my co-worker told me that a guy at work was selling three tickets. he bought three tickets for some of his family members that wanted to go, however they already bought tickets and he didnt realise so he is trying to get rid of them. he's not interested in going because i even suggested he come instead concidering he bought the tickets but he doesnt want to go. so i asked my co-worker if it's ok if i bring my boyfriend along and she said no. so i asked her whats going to happen with the 3rd ticket and she said nothing. noone else will be going. im really sure this guy at work would be happy to get rid of all these tickets so that way he can get his money back. my boyfriend has been invited to a wedding. however, there was no invite for a partner so he was a bit annoyed but he said he will have a talk to the people getting married so i can come. he invited me to go interstate with him last year and i went, plus he invited me to the grand prix. he includes me in a lot of things and id love to be able to include him in this event. his birthday is the 28th of march and the concert is on the 8th of april i think, so its perfect timing. originally my co-worker was just going to go by herself. im sure y because i would be bored on my own.
thanks for the replies

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