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All right, guys. Here's my story. My girlfriend and I have been dating a year. Recently, this guy that she works with, who she readily admits has a crush on her, was bold enough to ask her out. These things have happened to her before. She thinks its cute--but always politely declines (as she is with me, obviously).

Ok. (deep breath). This past Friday night, I was going to pick her up from work to go see the movie "Children of Men." Late in the afternoon, she calls me up and tells me that a bunch of people from her work are going to see a movie, and wanted to know if it would be ok if she did that instead. I said fine. I'd been encouraging to go out with her friends more, anyway. I was to spend the rest of the weekend with her, and told her we'd see it the next day (both of us had been looking forward to that particular movie). So I see her the next day after work, and she tells me she ended up going to a movie (Happy Feet) and dinner for 3 hours to shoot the breeze with the guy that likes her, and then he took her home and they texted until 5:00 am. It was just hanging out, nothing else at all (this guy is a hardcore Christian and will not do anything until he is married--trust me on this one). So I hear all of this and am now pretty annoyed. I let it go and believe her that she felt bad for him and just wanted to hang out as friends.

Well, then comes yesterday (Sunday). Our exact one-year anniversary. We go and see Children of Men, have a nice dinner, and then come back to my place for the night. I couldn't sleep and decided to look up a few things on the computer, so I decide to grab a pen from her purse. What do I find? A ticket stub to Children of Men from Friday night, when she was supposedly seeing Happy Feet. So, in effect, she ditched me on Friday night for another guy, and promptly went to see the very movie with him that she and I had been waiting to see for a month. And then apparently she kept up the lie all of today as we watched the movie--and during our discussion of it afterwards--making me think that was the first time she had seen it. And to top it all off, she texts the guy during the movie, and I'm now pretty sure they were talking about the movie while she pretended to watch it for the first time! Needless to say, I feel confused, sad, and mad all at the same time right now.

She tells me we are safe as a couple and that she would never go for him, which I'm now thinking is a load of crap. She does see me every day, though, and I stay with her every night, and she's been honest with me about everything else.

Any advise would be great. We're supposed to go on a mini-anniversary-road trip later today and I am really not feeling it. Is this worth breaking up over?

Thanks, everyone.
She mentioned it was a group thing with a bunch of coworkers. Do you know if this was the case throughout the evening or if it turned out to be just the two of them or did the group split up after the movie and the two of them went to dinner together after the group movie?

If it were just the two of them, I would think this is an issue that needs to be addressed considering she told you it was a group thing, meaning more people besides just him and her.. If you know for a fact that it was just the two of them, you could bring up the subject that someone (don't mention any names) told you they saw her at the movies from a distance, but didn't approach her because she seemed BUSY! Then give her the evil eye of suspicion. That will get her thinking how much you know about what took place that day after work and just listen to what she has to say about that.

On the other hand, if this was a group thing throughout the evening, she did what you encouraged her to do and went out with her friends. I don't see anything wrong with that. The issue with the movie she eventually saw could be that the group decided to see Children of Men and she had to go along with the group's decision while at the same time feeling she didn't want to disappoint you, knowing how much you both have been anticipating seeing this particular movie together, so she tells you she saw a different movie that particular day.

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