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i totally agree that your girlfriend is the one that needs to take action here. im in a similar situation where i work. i work casually as im a university student and the guy that likes me works there full time. around october last year, a female work collegue comes up to me and says X likes you. for the last few weeks he has been saying how friendly you are and stuff like this. I just went on about my business, still spoke to the guy because he hasn't done anything wrong. I have been dating a guy for nearly a year but October last year we had an off period because we had some little dissagreements. this guy that likes me was a guy that i asked for advice so we used to speak all the time. he knew i still fancied my boyfriend. my boyfriend and i got back together in november. X from work invited me out to his birthday in which i went along. at this stage i didnt know he liked me heaps, just that he has said im a friendly person to others. i had to leave his party early because i had planned to go to the movies with my boyfriend. as i was going into the movie i get a message from his phone saying hey, this is X's friend. i hope u come back, ur really cute. i didnt reply to the message as there was no need to. when i was in work the following week he asked if i received a message and all i said was yes. he said i need to talk to u. he said that his friend reckons we should hook up. the next friday he messaged me asking how i was and what i was up to on the weekend. he said that he missed not seeing me at work because i didnt work that week. i didnt reply to that either. when i come into work to work, he always comes into the tea room and gets an ice pack out of the fridge making out he has a sore shoulder. a lot of other staff members have told me stuff that he has said. he was messaging another girl from work saying that i havent replied bla bla bla. this girl said, i think she just wants to be friends. he replied back saying "poor sexless me." i felt so upset. i no longer talk to him and he doesnt talk to me. he liked another girl at work too before me and she wasnt interested either and he bagged her so much that it's not funny all because she just wanted to be friends. now i feel the same thing is going to happen to me. last week he asked if i wanted a lift home. i said nah its ok i can walk. i dont live far. next minute he drove past and tooted the horn at me. this makes me so uncomfortable that if things esculate further im going to go and speak to my store manager because something needs to be done.unfortunately he is off to florida tomorrow with other store managers on a managers retreat.(our company is american) i wish he never had my number. the reason he has it was because last year i thurned 21 and invited people from work and on the invitation i wrote my phone number so people could rsvp. this was in july way before i knew anything about him liking me.
it's up to your girlfriend to say she is not interested and if he doesnt back off then she needs to speak to her boss. the place i work casually for is actually an american company. the place is called savers but i think in america they also call it value village, so some of you may of heard of the place. there is 5 of these stores in australia and im a cashier at savers and he's out the back pricing jewlery so i dont even need to talk to him at work. im working full time while im on holidays from uni at the moment and im pricing ladies clothing which is on the other side of the production room. i can avoid him really easily and thats what i plan on doing. if he causes me any touble then ill be talking to the manager, if that doesnt work, ill take it to head office. ill go as far as i have to if it gets out of control. i dont need to be made to feel uncomfortable at work at all. i go there to work to make money so i can save and have fun, not to pick up guys.

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