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To all the guys out there (and girls, too)--

A little advice needed. I'm a 25-year-old guy, and have been dating a girl for a year now. To cut to the chase, I want to know how other guys out there would react to another guy trying blatanly to steal their girlfriends. My girlfriend works with a guy who has liked her for the last year (during this whole time she's been with me). Over the past few weeks or so, he's been making his move. He's extremely bold, and my girlfriend tells me everything that he says to her. These amount to things like "You are absolutely beautiful," and "I want you to be with me." He's done other things that seem unbelievable to me, knowing as he does that she has been with me for a year. He asks her out on dates, and, most ridiculously, has tried to hold her hand at work.

She thinks he's a nice enough guy, and admits that she is charmed a bit when someone is that passionate towards her. But she isn't attracted to him, and would never go for him--and it's true, he's not her type. Besides, she loves me.

Now, in my opinion, any guy who is trying to hold the hand of another guy's girlfriend at work, etc., is asking for trouble. He makes me extremely angry because his actions are pretty disrespectful toward me. I'm pretty sure most guys would not tolerate another guy acting like this. Does he actually expect that the boyfriend will stand for it? Nevertheless, I'm not about to do anything dramatic (fighting, etc.), considering he works in the same building as my girlfriend, and I am not a fighter anyway. But what planet is this guy living on?

Any advice from guys (or girls), on how to bring my anger level down? The attempts to hold her hand (he did this when a group of them were out at a movie, not to mention at their workplace) are what really get to me.

Thanks for the response, blanca, and everyone else. It's all still continuing. He continues to text her, and the other night he called her and talked to her on the phone from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am, and she told me he continues to tell her she's beautiful, smart, everything he wants, etc. And now, he's trying to set up a night to go over and watch an archeaology documentary with her. She lives with a roommate in a house and the only DVD player is in her room, and so of course they would be sitting/laying back there in her bedroom, on her bed, with the door closed. This from a guy who's already kissed her on the lips and tried to hold her hand. She said she didn't think it was a good idea for now, as I would feel uncomfortable with this.....Well, yeah, obviously I'd be uncomfortable. I want to say to her, "Why did you have to come and run this by me first before nixing the idea? Were you actually considering doing this?"

But it's getting to the point where I'm becoming just as angry with her--though I still get fits of rage at this guy's lack of respect, too.

I want her to tell this guy to stop trying to get with her, stop calling her late at night, stop texting her, stop everything. And I want her to do it because the guy's being a general inconsiderate jerk and showing no respect for our relationship, and not because I would "find it uncomfortable" if she watched a movie with someone she considers a "friend."

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