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Yes, it's up to her to tell him where to go. I can relate to your situation, I had a similar one myself with my own partner months ago; the whole thing really pissed me off.

Some young woman who was walking through the shopping centre where my boyfriend works as a security guard put her eye on him and apparently decided she liked what she saw. She had been in the centre shopping or whatever, but she also happened to know one of the other security guards my boyfriend works with, so I guess she decided that's how she'd make her move. She got my boyfriends number from this man he works with and that's when the calls started..

Cutting a long story short, she started sending him messages introducing herself as a friend of ____ and wanting to go out for a few drinks with the work crew and all this, trying to get her foot in the door that way. The contact quickly morphed into all these sexualised calls and texts saying she wanted to meet up and do this that and the other and when he declined and told her he had a girlfriend her response was - "****** your girlfriend"!!! That was the bit that bothered me most. If she had been a bit mortified to hear he had a girlfriend and backed off I wouldnt have felt nearly so angry towards her, as, after all, he's a VERY sexy man and you cant blame a girl for trying! But her response when she heard of my existence made me want to tear her hair out BY – THE – ROOTS (and take the scalp with it too, lol) so I FULLY identify with your frustration.

At the point she made that comment he told her never to call again. I really think it's long past time your girlfriend told this man to backoff. It sounds to me like she may be flattered by all the attention, but more so, I'd say she's getting a buzz out of your jealousy. You should remind her that though she may be enjoying your jealousy, you certainly aren’t. She needs to tell him where to go and she needs to stop fanning the flames of your jealousy in order to make herself feel attractive, wanted and loved. It seems to me this is what she's doing here, based on what you've said, and if I'm right I have to say it's pretty selfish behaviour out of her, if you dont mind me saying. As a woman, I know you dont allow a situation like this to continue and keep on reporting back to your boyfriend every time the guy gives you the eyeball unless you're getting a buzz and some big-time validation out of your boyfriends jealous response. If I'm right, the game she's playing here is cruel and unfair. Our two situations are similar, like I said; this mans actions are the physical equivalent of the women who was chasing my mans comment; "****** your girlfriend". He is saying, with his actions - "****** your boyfriend". I know what I'd have done if my man hadnt gotten rid of her pronto. Maybe that girl would even be with him today - because I know I wouldnt.
Just reading this post really pisses me off!:mad: What pisses me off the most is that your gf hasn't told this guy to back off! I completely agree with Laylah. I understand that they might be friends, but this guy is disrespecting her (by harassing her with these comments) and you ofcourse.

I have been in a similar situation where a guy wanted to be with me and didn't get the point that I didn't. I told him clearly that I have a boyfriend and he kept on bothering me. I immediately stopped talking to him and avoided him at all costs. And now he def. gets the point that I'm not interested and stopped bothering me. I think that if your gf really cared she'd stop talking to him! Its really hard for me to believe that if this really bothered her she wouldn't stop talking to him! And obviously if he sees that she's not bothered by the comments that he's making he's going to keep on doing this. I can't believe he text her, how did he even get her number?!

You have every right to feel jealous and uncomfortable about this situation.
This guy has "unbalanced stalker" written all over him. Your girlfriend had better watch, because she's leading him on and she could find herself in big trouble. He told her he was crying over her?? Your girlfriend is dragging this poor, psychotic person into her life just to make you jealous and get your attention, but I'm thinking there are going to be some serious reprecussions once she decides she is done using this guy.

I would ask her if she is really this incredibly stupid. This guy probably has an altar dedicated to her in his bedroom. It's dangerous to lead people on, especially people this obsessive. Seriously, tell her to get her head out of her rectum and leave this guy alone before she starts finding dead animals on her doorstep or something. And if she thinks it's cute to keep playing around with him, then I'd think about maybe getting out of dodge and letting HER deal with this mess she is creating.

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