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The story keeps growing. After texting me an apology, he then asked me if Id walk with him after work...and I thought, what a great opportunity to figure out what the h** is going on. So he called right when I got off and told me to come up and meet him, and we walked and talked about his text, and basically he said that he felt things were going to work out, and it scared him b/c he just had a good feeling and couldnt explain it. He said that there are barriers between us though, and brought up the concept of a language barrier between us and said that that most likely accounts for some of why Im so confused all the time, because when I repeat things he said he always says 'I didnt mean it that way!' and then reexplains himself and it is more clear for me.
Anyway, so then he said that if i was fine, he is fine. So we dropped it, got coffee and chatted. He even suggested me vacationing with him and his friend this summer, then stopped and said 'well who knows where we will be then'. I thought, I dont even know where we are now.

Then, randomly, during coffee, he goes "don't you think you deserve someone better than me?"
What? I looked at him like he was nuts. So I said, half-jokingly, do you want me to take off? And again, he says, no no no...Im just teasing. Then about 3 min. later, he randomly goes "how long has it been since we started hanging out? A few weeks?" I said, yeah, why? And he says 'nothing'. Then as we're in the elevator, he goes to kiss me, then doesn't, then when I went in to kiss him, he dodged me. Before he left, he says "see you someday" and then kissed my forehead, and when I walked away he looked back and said 'oh come here' and kissed me normally. So I came home, and then I texted him about dinner next week b/c I had mentioned it to him a few days ago and wanted to ask again, and I havent received a response.
I just dont get it! I dont know if Im creating these mixed signals in my head or if it really is just weird. I think Im just going to stop reading into everything, but I cant understand what is going on here...

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