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i am going out with this girl (we will call her J) and i met her a few months ago at school. We started to talk alot on the computer and it was going cool. Then i found out from some of my friends that she had a crush on me (shes pretty much friends with all my friends) and i was relieved because i too had a crush on her. Well i was talking with some friends at lunch about how i liked her, and one of her friends (they used to be best friends, but now just good friends) told me she smoked weed. I didnt really believe her because J isnt the type of girl that i thought would smoke. Well i decided to ask her that day if she did, and she told me yes, but that she barely does it. So time passed and i asked her out about 2 weeks ago and its been great, we get along awesome and i love being with her and all that good stuff. The only thing is im against drugs and i dont like them. So yesterday i had a really long talk about it with her and her reasons for doing it and stuff. And mainly, im scared she will be doing it then will cheat on me or do something harmful, and it just worries me a lot. She told me she would never cheat and i trust/believe her, but im still uneasy that she does it. Also she told me stories about when she got really drunk and stuff like that. Drinking to me isnt bad, but everyone has their limit. She told me she doesnt really want to keep doing weed, her last time was in November, but she said if everyone is doing it, then she feels like she may as well also. And i dont want to force her to stop because that makes me sound like im her boss or i own her, but i just care about and worry for her. Ive never been out with a girl who does weed and stuff, so i guess im just getting used to it.

Is it dumb how im reacting? Should i just chill out about it? I need some advice please, it lingers in the back of my mind alot and i cant seem to make it go away. I trust her and everything, but it just really bothers me.

Thank you everyone

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