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Hi all, First of all I am sorrry for the long post, however, i feel it is necessary to explain the story in detail so you all understand the story. Advice is greatly needed and appreciated.

I posted about a month ago about the beginning troubles of my relationship with a girl. Just to rehash, we started dating in late October, when we hit it off really well. I am 22 and she is 21. At first, I was not necessarily attracted to her as most girls, but she was a friend of a friend and was laying it on me pretty thick one night so I decided to go with it. She seemed like a respectable girl, they type that I could possibly be interested in. From Oct to Dec we had the greatest time together. I really did fall for her and she claimed that she had fallen for me like she never has. The problem with this is that things happened wayy to fast. After a couple weeks she wanted me to be her boyfriend. I was reluctant to this, but I really liked her so I figured that she really liked me and we had somemthing special goin on, because I really have only felt serious about a girl like that a time or two. So I agreed to the whole "title" business. However, in early Dec. we slowed down the communication and it got quite awkward at times. We went a couple days without talking, because we are both the type when something is wrong we stay bottled up and let the other make the move. When we spoke, I brought up the fact that something is up and we need to chill and she totally agreed. We agreed to lose the title and slow things down. I was not actually happy about this but I knew it was the smart thing to do. I must admit at that time I still really cared for her and wanted things to work, but thats when I started second guessing if she still had those feelings for me.

So a month passes and we only speak a couple times here and there, because we were both on break from school and traveling to various places. I thought about her every day. I just kept thinking how perfect she seemed for me and I did not want to lose her, but I just did not know how to bring this up with her, so I decided to wait till we got back to school to try to rekindle anything. After the first week of classes she never really contacted me so I decided to drop her a message here and there. I talked to her for a while the other day and finally said lets get together during the week for lunch. She agreed which made me very happy. I was just so confused about what she was thinking about me and I was going stir crazy.

So the night before our lunch date, she texts me and asks if I was going out that night. Turns out we were going to the same bar. So I get there and immediately we are all over eachother. We talk about how much we missed each other and really go into detail about our relationship and how we felt. She told me how attracted she was to me and how we click so well, but we just jumped into things way to fast. She also said how happy she was that I contacted her, and that she was going to contact me right around the time I got a hold of her. It made me so happy that she was saying she felt the same way as me and that she missed me and compares me to other guys. I even mentioned to her that this might not work out but we will always be friends, and she seemed sad and questioned why I diddnt think it would work. I am not an advocate of sappy public affection but lets just say we both werent afraid to show it that night. It seemed like we made all kinds of plans together for the remainder of the week, and I had to ask her, are you just drunk right now or do you mean all of this? She swore up and down that she isnt one to just say things like that when she is drunk, and she diddnt seem very drunk. she seemed just like I remembered her when we were having our good times together.

So next day rolls around and she did not answer my call about lunch. So I leave a message. Two hours go by so I send her a text. Nothing. I get home and check her status on internet messenger and turns out she lost her phone last night, but someone found it so she was going to get it later. keep in mind she never tried to contact me through internet that she lost her phone or anything about lunch. This disturbed me, because when we were dating for that month she was so sweet and always got a hold of me. So I message her and she messages me back saying that she was hungover and incapable of food. I said no problem, but ill see you later because we had plans to go out and hang out with some friends later that night. So around 6pm I asked her if she was ready to go out and she said she just was not up for it and could not drink, but she said she might come up and hang out with us for a while. She never showed, and I have not heard from her since.

So, now I am left so confused and do not know what to do about the situation because I have fallen really really hard for her. Just by the way she was explaining things to me that night we hung out it made me believe it was so sincere and she meant it. That really made me fall for her all over again. It just seemed perfect. But it seems she has totally blown me off since. I have to know where this is going because I am so hurt right now I cannot think of anything else or sleep. I have thought about telling her how i feel and wanting to know if she feels the same, and tell her I need to know to let it go or if she wants to take things slow like we determined the other night. By taking things slow, i figured we would still atleast talk or she might even contact me. But it has only been two days since we last talked. I know she has quite a bit going on in her life and she has a hard time expressing herself to me. I just cant understand how a person can tell me she has never felt this way about anyone else, that we click so well, that she is very attracted to me, and just turn it off the next day.

What do I do? Do I tell her how I feel? I am really a great guy with a great future and so is she, and we really did hit it off great. I just have no idea why we arent together because things are just so perfect. How do I go about taking it slow? Do I just play it cool and not let her know how I feel and just call her once in a while to hang out and see what happens? I know we have only known each other for 3 months but I have fallen very very hard for her. I have felt this way before when my firstgirlfriend of 3 years left me for someone else. I was miserable and thats how I feel right now.
All help is appreciated very very much because I have a feeling if things dont work out for me I will be feeling down for quite some time. I dont want her to be the one that got away, because I meant it when I said I have never felt this way about a girl.

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