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Ok, call me stupid, or desperate, or whatever you want. My boyfriend has BPD, and I dont want to leave him. We have split at least twice, this is our third attempt at our relationship. I've read all the boards and advice columns and they dont seem to have the answers either...Is there anyone out here that is currently in a relationship with someone with BPD that dosnt want to leave them, anyone with children would be benefitiary to me, as I have a 3 year old and he has three children of his own. I would like honest answers.
There is no need in this relationship, it is simply put as this....One of the hardest things to explain is love and when it hits you it hits hard...My boyfriend/fiance' is a good person, troubled but good...And he is good with both his children and with my child....Even his Ex-Wife has noted change in his actions and his personality...New meds? Maybe, therapy finally taking hold....possible...finally realizing he has to grow up and be a grownup? Very much possible...but is he well, I know he isnt, but it dosnt mean that I am going to abandon him simply because he isnt able to express himself the way another person does....Not everyone is perfect Ive learned to live with that reality so why hurt him because he isnt perfect?

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