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I'm doing ok. It's only been a week of our "break" and I'm still kinda treading on thin ice as far as my emotions go. But aside from being a little wobbly there I'm doing surprisingly well. I've thrown myself into so many things: Teaching an ESL class, doing much more work for all of my classes, working on Saturdays in Boston with homeless ministry...and a bunch of other things I've wanted to do for a while like catching up with friends, etc.

I'd agree with the last poster on most things, except the "don't be sad" part. I think, if what you're going through is at all hard or overwhelming, you do need to give yourself time to be upset and to feel everything that comes with this situation. I'd advise not doing a lot of those alone though. Find someone that you can talk to, but try not to make it someone very negative. I've found a good friend who can sympathize and encourage me without bashing my boyfriend. She listens without having the negative attitude that's so close to surfacing in me all the time. It's a booster for me, and she's around if I need to cry or be angry...let yourself be sad, but have things to do that take you mind off it...does that make any sense? There needs to be a ballence.

Enjoy yourself! You have great potential! What are some things that you like to do? Are there things around for your to get involved in?

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