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I posted a thread a while back... (confusing sudden break up -opinions) but things have taken another turn now with my so-called-friend!!

For anyone that hasnt read the post basically, I was going out with a guy for 9 months (met at work) things were great and then this girl from work stirs up a big arguement between us, causing trouble and then proceeded to make things even worse the next day by telling lies to him about how i reacted and how i being really nasty and irrational to her, anyways he finally came to his senses and realised what she did and her part to play in the argument we had, my opinion even if we WERE going to break up before she decided to stir things up it would have happened in a civil adult manner but instead it caused a lot of hurt and upset.

Anyways since he realised what she did me and him have been getting on fine again (we arent back together) but it is good that we are friends again.

Me being the IDIOT that i am decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and though hmm okay so maybe she could have done that on purpose but she probably didnt cos she is being so nice to me now and saying she wants to help me... yeah right!

So basically she has been listening to me talk about my feelings about it all and how much it has hurt me and confused me and how much he still means to me etc

Then i find out yesterday she has been speaking to one of my closest work friends, and telling her that she is after my ex-bf, telling her that she has liked him for over a year (and apparantly that means she has rights to him??) and that she thinks he likes her too, and that even if they dont have a relationship then she is happy to just have sex with him!!

She has listened to me talk about how i feel and said to me oh yeah i totally understand you it must be horrible i know exactly how you feel, i promise i will do anything i can to cheer you up and make you happy again!! Yeah, by chasing after him behind my back for a cheap one night stand??

Thing is, this girl has so far this month tried it on with LOADS of the guys and is always convinced they really like her too (and a couple of girls) in work, she also has a ******* for her to put up naked photos and meet random wierdos so she can have sex chats with them and THEN she moans that people see her as a 'sex object' its like geez come on have some self respect and a bit of integrity! but with this- she has really crossed the line!!

I was so angry I was just shaking like crazy and then burst into tears, not cos I was sad but more like a relief cos I was just so cross!! And from what she was saying it sounded like it was two sided from him as well and I just thought.. it hasnt been that long, she works with us and she used to like him, and he would rather have a cheap fling with her than go out with me? do my feelings mean NOTHING to the pair of you? Her i was less so surprised but i was shocked that he could be like that!
So needless to say I was trying to ignore him for the rest of the night, he had been coming over early on and just chatting and joking, but he came over towards the end of our shift and just tried to chat to me and i ignored him, then he tried to make a joke and i ignored him so he kinda went quiet and looked for a reason to be over there, grabbed a trolley and walked off, then upstairs he was trying to make me laugh by blowing up a rubber glove like a balloon, i ignored him again, he was like laur, are you alright? I was like FINE!!

Then when I got home I thought okay, I need to sort this out now otherwise im gonna see her in work and gonna be so angry, so i spoke to him (on msn) so was trying to be as careful as possible not to get the wrong impression across, and just said i need to talk to you and he was like ok?
and i basically spoke to him about it all and he was SOO annoyed, he said she is seeming to be causing a lot of trouble and upsetting a lot of people lately yet it always appears she isnt involved, he said he is gonna have a word with one of the managers about it and tell her to keep and eye on her, he said that he had never, did not and would never be interested in her ever, and that he will make sure she knows it, he said that explains why she has been acting weirdly around him again calling him sweety and darling which he said REALLY pees him off, anyways I apologised for ignoring him and wanting to shove his glove balloon down his throat hehe
He asked me what I was gonna do about the situation with her and I said ingore her! and he was like well there is probably a better way than that and I was like hmm okay well I will be civil but thats it, I have more integrity than to be a total ***** to her and plus she isnt worth my energy!

One opinion I have is that she has this latest thing where she has been saying she knows she can get any guy she wants if she tries, she fancied my ex-bf ages ago and he turned her down last year, we went out its like now she wants him to prove a point or something that she can get him too..

It makes me wonder if all the times she said things like 'he adores you you can see it in the way he looks at you how much he thinks of you and cares about you' im like hmmm so why cause all the **** and now why try to get something so cheap, meaningless and selfish KNOWING how much it would hurt me, and knowing how much it would damage mine and his friendship which has been rebuilt slowly..

I saw a comment she posted on a friends ******* saying 'my friends just broken up with her bf so im doing anything i can to help her, i hate seeing people in pain i just want to help' and her friend replied with 'aww your SUCH a good friend' and she replied with 'well i try' what an absolute JOKE!!

I just cant believe she would be so backstabbing, and two faced pretending she is my friend! Does anyone think I am overreacting or do I have good cause not to speak to her at all anymore??

Thanks for reading if you made it this far!!

Laura :dizzy:

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