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Hello, I am sorry if i'm underage or anything to be using this board. But i am in a crisis and i could really do with some peoples help and advice and i hear the best advice comes from adults anyway so thats why i'm here...If anyone could help me then you won't know how much i will totally apprieciate it!

The problem:: I recently just turned 16, december to be exact. I'm just an average teenager who likes to do what normal teenagers do. But i don't drink and i don't smoke or take drugs and you could say that i'm quiet and likes to get on with things like school work and helping out my family. A few days after my birthday, i decide to go on msn and someone has added me. I just accept it and take no notice. The person who added me starts talking to me. So i start talking back to him. At first it was innocent, we got on really well...He enjoyed the things i liked and i enjoyed what he liked. we had so much in common and i would find myself looking forward to our next convo's I talked to him for weeks and he would tell me his problems and i would give him the best advice i could give. He would say: "I've never ever told anyone that before" and all that... I asked him questions about his life and he would always answer straight. I could tell that he wasn't lying, he would do the same...our lives where so different but we still got on well. So we kept on getting closer and closer as friends...He is 18 by the way...One day he says "can i tell you something?" and i say " sure go ahead" and he tells me that he feels something for me and that i'm not like most common girls and all that...I didn't know what to do...I was his friend i didn't want anything more...because he lived in america and i'm in england...I am a very cautious person. He gave me his cell number and he sed "You don't have to give me yours, i would never want to force you on anything" and sure he had never forced me to do anything. And he always sed that he would never ever hurt me. More weeks passed and then something strange starts happenening. I start to feel something for him too. I would call myself crazy and to stop acting so childish because i had never met him in person (i knew it was him because of ****** and pictures) but i had never seen him in actual person and here i was starting to feel something for someone over the internet..We talked constantly and more and more and then finally he sed "do you know what, i'm going to let you on in a little secret" and i didn't say anything and he sed "I love you".................. I was shaking and everything. he sed "someday i hope that you can say it back to me...but from the heart" ......... I thought long and hard about it...and i realised that i loved him too. but i couldn't stop saying that i was being stupid. that it's just a teenage thing that always happens but i constantly worried about him and i care ever so much for him.. i thought about him non stop!!! he is always in my mind. i can't shake him off. I told him how i feel and he felt the same way too... I felt like i knew him. He was so honest. and i knew he was genuine...I couldn't control it. Everytime he was there my heart would just ache...But my problem began to start with my parents. They found out about him, they made me erase him everywhere. I was so upset, i cried and cried and my heart was breaking. My dad snapped my phone sim card... I lost contact with him for days...i lost all will to speak to my parents...i was misrable...i checked my email one day and there where 20 emails from him telling me that he was so worried about me and he wanted me to reply to him. I sent him a email to tell him to forget me...and he sed no...that it's impossible to forget me...he can't do it...but he sed it's my choice that it was all up to me...and it was up to me...i was misrable without him...i loved him so much. I would cry every nite. he told me he felt weak and ill...I made a decision to still be there with him and disobey my parents...if they find out i'm dead....i don't know if i've made the right choice...have i? am i just being stupid? he was the first guy that has been interested in me...please i really need your help! There is more to this story. There is more to him aswell...i am so confused and terrified of my parents...but i love him to much to let him go...wat can i do??? if you can help thank you ever so much. :)

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