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Cudos to you first off for being financially smart. You at least have your head on straight.

Women need their matter what age they are. We don't like men who try to control us and tell us what we can and cannot do. I had a husband once who tried to control me to the point that I wasn't allowed any friends and not allowed to go out unless I was with him. I grew to resent him tremendously. Needless to say we are no longer married. I don't need to be with my friends 24/7 but every now and again its nice to have another woman to talk to. Stuff that men don't understand anything about. Have you ever heard of the word "compromise"? There are ways to be in a relationship and have time for the two of you and time for friends. You have to have a healthy balance. If you are lucky maybe you will find a woman who wants to be with only you.

I am now in a healthy relationship where he doesn't try to control me. I can go see my girlfriend if I choose to and he doesn't get all pi$$ed off. He knows I need to see my friend from time to time and she and I talk on the phone too. He and I are together nearly all the time. There is no one else I can think of that I enjoy spending my time with more but we have balance. We respect each other and we listen. Its not all about what he wants and not all about what I want. Take time to listen to her. Find out what she wants and likes to do. My guy is in a band and a good portion of the time we are doing what he likes and the best part is I like it too but every once in a while he will do what I want. I love to go he takes me dancing. Its something we both enjoy. What I have found too is its best to find someone you have a great deal in common with. People saying that opposites attract is for the birds. Being with someone you have absolutely nothing in common with will sooner or later go down the tubes.

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