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Re: Advice please
Jan 26, 2007
Pebbles..don't you dare let him manipulate you like this. That is how a controlling manipulater works...they play with your head and make you second guess yourself. It's NOT your fault. It's HIS! HE is the one who chose to go out and cheat on didn't decide it for him. He is most definitely manipulating you and if he told her..let me ask you this...are they still living together? almost feels as if you know my ex..lmao! I found out he was cheating on me and he told me how she had seduced him in a restaurant. How convenient huh? It took a while but I got the truth out of him though...he met her at a motel. What a scum.

Pebbles...girlfriend...I might have given you some bad advice earlier. This woman deserves to know what he has been doing behind her back. I didn't tell my previous man's girl because I didn't have the heart to do it and it would not have helped me mentally at all. For a time it would have felt good but not for long. That is just me though. I couldn't do it no matter how long and hard I thought about it and felt I really should..if not better than to get revenge on him. Revenge would have made me feel worse though.

If its eating at you that badly and you really want him to suffer for what he has done (and I must say I really don't believe him when he says he told her) then by all means tell her. He deserves any misery that comes his way. Same would go for any cheating, manipulating woman too...guys get manipulated and cheated on just as much as women do. I can't stand either one...I think anyone who cheats should get whatever they have coming to them. If you feel a need to be with someone else then break it off BEFORE you go off behind someones back and really hurt them. I don't understand people sometimes. Men who cheat on their SO don't realize the hurt and emotional harm they cause. My self-esteem went down the proverbial toilet because I didn't feel good enough. A dang it all..I am good enough to be loved and wanted and desired. I finally found such a man and can you. You deserve better than this idiot. Let him suffer. Tell her. She has the right to know...after all he is playing her for a fool and he is playing you too.

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