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My boyfriend and I have been doing the long distance thing for 2 years. I see him about once a week, and when we are together everything is fantastic. But when I am away from him, I can't stop feeling jealous and rejected by him over small things. When he goes out to the bars with his friends and I dont hear from him for a few hours, or when he hangs out with this girl he works with (who I know hes just friends with, and almost all of my friends are guys), or if we talk on the phone and I get the impression that he isnt paying attention because hes with his friends (even if its not really true!)... Nothing major at all, and its especially bad because I know I do the same things to him! But as many times as I acknowledge to myself that the way Im feeling is irrational, I cant get rid of the feeling. Its not that I don't trust him, or even that I think theres anything he should be doing differently. If i try to confront him about it, he gets frustrated because he doesnt think he was doing anything wrong. But if I keep it to myself and supress my anger, it just grows and becomes much worse. How can I stop feeling this way???

(Also, even if you dont have any advice for me, Id appreciate hearing if anyone else knows this feeling im talking about just so I know Im not crazy)

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