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I've been debating as to whether to tell my ex-girlfriend who also happens to be a real close friend of mine that she is still a ****.

When she was 14-18, she used to sleep with a lot of guys, even when she had a boyfriend (i.e. she cheated). She moved away from home to go to school. Her first year at college, she lived on campus residence, and she was the same way, slept with a lot of guys.

Then in 2nd year of college, she moved out of school residence and into an apartment with her boyfriend. She believes that he "changed" her because she no longer slept around. They broke up but still live together.

Now in 3rd year, I think she's gone back to sleeping around again. I don't think she ever "changed". I just think that because she lived with that guy, he kept a "tight grip" on her so it was impossible for her to meet guys. Now, that they're not together anymore, that "tight grip" is gone, so she's back to being a ****.

This girl has a very low self-esteem and has told me how much she hated herself during her slutty years. This girl means a lot to me and I've come to the conclusion that she never "changed" and that she is still a ****. Should I tell her? Mind you, I'm not doing it to make her feel bad...but this girl has a lot of issues and I do want to help her.
My question is, how do you plan on talking to her about it? I understand you are a good friend and you don't want to hurt her feelings. From what you say she already has pretty low self esteem and is already pretty ashamed of her promescuity. If you go about it the wrong way it could make her feel even worse about herself or cause a rift in your friendship.

Does your school offer some sort of counseling or therapy? Since she has talked to you about her "issues" in the past maybe you could point her in this direction. There is probably some underlying reason why she acts this way, like she doesn't think she deserves love or something.

I'm not saying you will be, but try to be sure you are not judgemental. And yeah, I definately wouldn't use the word "slutty", proiscuous or something of the like sounds a little nicer.

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