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hey there,
i think its fantastic that you found someone that u really love and adore and why not go for it? to be honest, u dont really know how his parents would react towards you because u havent met them. im 21 and i have been going out with my boyfriend for almost a year and he's 31. i have met his parents on a number of occasions. i can talk and laugh with his mum for ages. when im over there she cooks me steaks for lunch and even invited me over on christmas eve to eat cakes with them. my boyfriend told me that his mum really really likes me, although she did tell him that he should date a girl closer to his age as it would bring more stability. now im not one of those young girls that flirt around and stuff like that. its just that he is on a full time wage wanting to buy a house and im a university student and just finished my first year. i have another 3 years to go. so basically we are in different stages of our lives. thats the only issue here. if he and i wanted to buy a house together(which he has mentioned) we would have to wait 3 years till i graduate because i only work casually so i cant afford to pay of a house loan. i have told him that if he wants to buy a house without me then to go for it and in 3 years time if we were still to be together, then we would discuss the situation then. so obviously my boyfriends mum wants the best for him and its not because she dislikes me. so try not to take things personally, im sure they dont hate you because they havent even met you.

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