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There is so much sense in the last three posts, there's just too much to quote it all! Thank you all. I feel justified now in the really extreme sense of having been let down that I've been feeling, because so many of the comments on this thread reflect and mirror my own thoughts exactly. I always felt, right from the get-go, that the fault lies with him. He is the adult, she is the child. As I've already said, I dont hate this girl, but I do seriously resent her behaviour as it has caused a great deal of 'waves' in my relationship, which had been coming together lovely after all the hassle we'd had prior to Christmas which I posted about here at that time.

He did actually tell her months ago not to call anymore, she did stop for a while, then began again, so really she dosent care what he says or what I want or feel; nothing matters to this girl other than getting to hear my bf's voice down the other end of a telephone line, so yes, I think any woman in love would resent that behaviour, and would be entitled to do so. The behaviour I principally resent though, is his compliance, THAT is the behaviour which has caused the problems here. Her calls would have been water off a ducks back to me if they hadnt been entertained.

I laid this out to him on the phone last night after I'd had a good long think on my own, and I put it in a calm and rational way. I explained that he had allowed her to cross a line when he accepted those calls, however brief he'd made them. I explained that the line he had allowed her cross was the line between his public and private life, and that I wouldnt have given a hairies about her stopping to talk to him on the mall (which I wouldnt) if he hadnt allowed her to cross that line.

So anyway, I think I've left him with something to think about. I'm sure he understands my position, and he assures me his number will be changed pronto, so hopefully we'll have a return to normal in the next few days. Thank you all for your input.

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