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I agree with alot of the people who posted here about your boyfriend. He should def. make it clear that he has no interest in her even if it means he has to be rude. It doesn't matter if he is rude because she is being rude herself. She knows your with him and I agree with you she is def. not an innocent 16 yr old girl. I hope though that if he does tell her he's not interested she gets the point. I have a feeling though that she won't. I grew up with [B]ALOT [/B]of 16 yr old girls and even younger girls who act like this they are by no means innocent and know exactly what they're doing. No morals, don't care whether or not the guy is married or taken. As long as it's a challenge and it involves some "drama" and competition over the girl the guy is currently with. She is obviously looking for drama, hitting on a guy that is much older than her and taken, and spending way too much time in the mall instead of being home doing her hw. I'm pretty sure there are alot of young hot guys her age in the mall, but no....she had to pick the older taken one. Pure Mischief... I don't think you should stoop down to her level, I don't think you should even talk to her. I think that if you were to talk to her you would be showing her how much she gets to you and it would probably "fuel" her even more to continue. Ignore her and just treat her like the pesky little girl that she is. So yea, just have your guy tell her to get a life, and if she doesn't have him ignore her. Sooner or later she will have to stop.

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