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I think every girl has been here once or twice, some still in these kind of relationships...this guy has complete and total control over you, he is manipulative and he brain washed you.

Men have a tendency to tell you not to talk to this person, not to see this person, avoid these people and slowly rob you of your youth, and you are still young. I being 18 and married, only difference is I got a guy who is very supportive and does literally everything for me, but before him it wasn't all fun and games for ex rap*ed me 3 times, took away my family and friends and literally controlled my life. Eventually I realized that I could be stuck with this low life, no good, degrading SOB or I could have my friends and my family and find a guy who appreciates me for both my friends and both of my famililes. Call me selfish, but I would rather have it all then nothing...because thats what these men are, they are nothing.

They strip you of your life and they make it seem as though they are all you have, which makes it harder for you to leave them. The only thing you have to realize is, you could have more...or his fits and yelling could turn into hits and kicks. The keys he threw when he got mad, could be thrown at you.

Also if you think a restraining order is what it will take to leave him, then you obviously don't trust him enough with anything.

And yes, being in his arms feels good and being there with him makes you feel are 18 and all of that is good, but you still have time to experience what its like to be in the arms of a man who treats you good, and fully devotes what he does to you and him, to have a good relationship. Not someone who gets ticked off everytime you ask him something that clearly indicates he DON'T CARE HOW YOU FEEL. Its all about him, but he makes it seem as though he is the victim...he has you good and the longer you stay the harder it will be and the worse it will get. You have two can leave him and make a better life for yourself, or you can stick around and be miserable...soon you will lose everyone, and no one would care to listen to you because you stayed thinking he will change...people can't change these things. He robbed you of your youth and for that in itself is very irresponsible. He needs to act his age, instead he is acting like an 18 year old over protective boy.

People say you are mature, the thing with that is, not all men qualify as being mature...and sadly this guy is in no way mature, which means you are still playing childish games. So the relationship you are in, will never be as mature as you take charge and let this guy go...its not easy I know, but it is well worth.

Would you rather hurt for a little while without him, or forever being with him?

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