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you sound like me way too much. i am 18 also, i have been with my boyfriend for a year, i've always been the type who doesnt take crap from guys and i hated listening to stupid girl complaining about their relationships they should obviously get out of. my boyfriend doesnt treat me that great either, he gets mad at me for the stupidest stuff and we fight alot cus i tell him whats on my mind rather than giving in, i have no friends now because he doesnt trust me and dont even talk to me about who has the trust issue screwed up here. what i am saying is i love him so very much and we are planning on moving in together but i am having second thoughts, i think we need to look at our lives in the long run with these men and see how happy we will be after putting up with the same BS we are putting up with now and then we will see how happy we are in 5 or 10 years!! i am also scared of the unknown of leaving my boyfriend, i will be alone, i dont have as many friends as i used to and i wanted to move to my own place and i think with him is the only way i can do it. the longest i've ever stayed with a guy before him was 3 months so i am so sad and devastated at the thought of us ending, i also dont know how i got into this position and i often think about times in our past were i should have cut it off and maybe my life wouldnt be so confusing. i cant really tell you all of our problems here, but you sound like me alot, i am in your position and i think you know in your heart what is best you just dont wanna face the facts, you know. but would u rather be happy and alone or in a relationship and miserable. we are only 18 there are alot of good guys without tempers

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