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Insult to injury
Feb 5, 2007
I feel empty today...I had posted a thread here a while back but since then have just been sticking to my old relationship of 7 years since he says he is trying to make things work out and take things slowly but here is the thing...

He has been spending alot more time with me and all but like this weekend on friday we were going around doing things and his phone started ringing and the ring tone I reconized as his daughter calling (she is 11, same age as my daughter) he didn't answer the phone. It rang a couple more times (same ring) and he said it was his sister and he didn't really feel like talking to her o he turned his phone off or at least he turned the ringer off. I know b/c we were in a store and I was calling and getting no answer so when I saw him I ask why he wasn't answering and he said coz he was in electronics and it was to loud he didn't hear it but I called once again and it wasn't even ringing. This is quite strange behavior. we went to my house he spent the night and the next day we got together and were going around then the phone rang it was a different ring tone (this time it really was his sister that he doesnt want to talk to) but anyway it just proved to me he was lying. I didnt say anything we got vidios and cuddled on the couch,watched them and went to bed.I didnt look thru his phone this weekend but I have before and I know the ringtone he assigned to his kid and it was no mistake(he never changes anything so thats not the case) last night was superboal and
we decided to BBQ at his house and everything was great we had beer (he doesn't drink much but I had like 6) My daughter was there and we had a good time but I felt like he wanted me to leave.He never said it but I could just feel it and I wasnt sure if I were over reacting or not but I said I just kinda dont feel comfortable here (this is a man I lived in the same house with for 5 years) and I feel like a stranger in his home! I wasnt going to leave b/c like I said I had 6 beers but anyway he was okay I told him Id sleep on the couch he was like no sleep here. I went to bed with him and just felt terrible i was about to cry...b/c I feel so demoted in this relationship. i went from a full time, live in, do everything together a person who doesn't even feel welcome in his home....I wouldn't sleep with him last night i just said to him that I do not feel that he loves me and that I didnt love him (which is a lie,coz I do love him) I just felt like a fool. he got kinda mad, I went to sleep....woke up and left at around 5 a.m. b/c I didnt want to see him this morning....:confused: please help any advice or thoughts on this?

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