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My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year and a half. We broke up for 3 weeks in December but quickly got back together when we realised that we should never have broken up in the first place.

Coincidentally my boyfriends breaking up with me came exceedingly close to the time when his best friend came back from Europe. Basically, best friend comes home and tells him how fantastic it is to be single and travelling free, my boyfriend gets an idea that thats what he wants to do and ta-da... we're over. Later to be realised that its hard to do that when you're still in love with someone.

In the time we were broken up he typically spent a huge amount of time with the friend that I didn't really even get a chance to meet. Now that we're back together I now have this person in my life in every way shape and form. Basically I think he's extremely influental of my boyfriend, who holds his friend up on a giant pedastool.

So I think to myself, its alright, its just his best friend, it's nothing to do with you. WRONG!! The best friend and all their guy click are all single. I never get invited ANYWHERE to anything they ever do because its ALWAYS boys nights. I'm not even invited when they're at the beach that I live AROUND THE CORNER FROM!I can't even talk to my boyfriend on the phone (for a couple of minutes even) when he's with his friend because he feels like he's being sooo rude. Every time he sees him he stays over his place when its much, much more geographically convenient to go home.

So I try and look past it and enjoy the time that I get left with my boyfriend when he isn't off galavanting with his friend. But everything he talks about is him. ** this and ** that. Even his **** is lying everywhere. His surfboard his clothes his books his whatever. My boyfriend even wore his jumper on a date with me last week and I nearly died! You have your own clothes why must you wear his!! Why must you rub my face in it. Bad enough he has a social life I can never be a part of ever second bloody day, but now I have to put up with the reminder of it in a trail of clothes and annoying habits.

I just don't know how to deal with the presence of someone in my life who really doesn't care for me, and only has to say "jump" for my boyfriend to say "how high." He'll drop plans of ours and leave me hanging to please him and I just reckon it's a huge joke. I feel like asking him if there's anythin "goin on" but I know that would cause a huge argument because he obviously isn't gay. Bloody feels that way tho. I feel like i'm sharing my boyfriend with another man because he bends over backwards to please this guy, not minding when its at the expense of our plans or our time together. I feel like i'm fighting for #1 spot and I don't think I should be. Friends are extremely inportant in our lives but since when is it healthy for them to rule everything we do?

Any advice or feedback on similar situations would be greatly appreciated!! I feel if I don't find a way to deal with this fast im gonna FLIP!

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