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Okay, Here is what works and what doesn't work on me.
I'm a female. In my younger years I thought I was fickle and I thought I was unable to have strong emotion for a guy. Then in my later years I learned a little more about how I think.
I hope my insight helps you with your decision. I think I would definitely pursue this young lady. However, I'm not sure the ASK HER OUT ON A DATE NOW approach will yield the best results. It all depends on the circumstances and on the mood of the relationship. I don't know if you talk to this woman daily, but if I were you I'd put myself in that position. Get in her face. Eat lunch together. Drink together, Study together, Walk home together. Whatever it takes to befriend this girl. Dress your best or coolest. Dress to impress. Get this ladies attention. It seems like it works best when the girl thinks she is winning this prize turkey. Sorry, but it's true.
Some girls like the flashy type and some of us like the quiet guy. I'd be myself, but I'd definitely do it in her presence.

1. If a guy that I hardly know asks me out, I (used to -cause I'm taken now) get all excited about the first date, but then mysteriously lose interest by the third. I used to do this all the time. I felt bad about it but it's true.

2. I like quiet, nice, polite guys. Girls seem to be a sucker for a handsome face with a touch of vulnerability. My current man needed help with his homework and we became study partners. Then we started talking on the phone. (just as friends) Then he started asking me personal questions that would make me blush. (that was for mood I think) And then the next thing I knew we kissed.

3. I've had similar circumstances and it seems as though the ones I end up relating too got to know me and let me decide that I liked them before they made the first move. Then, I was getting what I wanted and I was winning. :)

4. One the other hand, if you really like this girl and the cool approach isn't working, I would definitely ask her out anyway.

5. My son is one of those teddy bear types. He was shy and insecure all through high school. Not a jock and not a brain. Just a regular guy. These little hotties used to throw themselves at him. I think he was unintentionally using the same approach that my boyfriend used on me. He was sitting over there being kinda cute and a little shy. And then wham, some assertive little hottie got to noticing him. He had some really cute girlfriends. I never really understood how he pulled it off. He was kind of cute I guess, but these girls were way hotter than him. I think the shy quiet thing really works. I thought my boyfriend was shy. He isn't. He said he was just trying to be good and I kept flirting.

Hope it goes well.

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