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Re: Rose- advice
Feb 8, 2007
Some of my friends are saying give him the time he needs, he will come to you when he is ready. but its been so long :( and i get so sad, paranoid and insecure. i know i shouldnt have to, but i wish iknew how to deal with it so i could give him more time and space to come to me. but what if he doesnt?
He keeps begging me for more time. He is trying so bad to make me see that all i need to do is stop the arguments and breaking up. but surely this wouldnt prevent him from falling in love? but he continues to say that this is the reason why he cant....he cant fall in love and cant open up...he keeps asking me to help him. i find this all so frustrating because i dont know what to think or believe or what to do.
yeah his dad left his mum at the alter...but they got married in the end. i think he has emotional problems. and opening up. but i see there to be no reason. i am his first serious girlfriend.

i dont think he is afraid of being alone. honestly. i know that.

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