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I honestly think that guys and girls do the same thing when not interested. So ask yourself, what do you do when you're not interested in someone? One thing I know for sure is guys like to sweet talk. When there just sweet talking on and on but no actions- hes not interested and could care less. I used to have this guy only call me for one thing- but he would tell endless sweet nothings allllll the time. I finally was like.. "wait buddy your all about talk, but no action"... why? Cause he didn't care.

When i'm not interested in someone I won't call them, call them back, if they do call from like a private number or something (trying to be sneaky) i'll make the call as SHORT AS POSSIBLE, being very short with them, I will not make any time for that person at all...

I mean I personally feel men and women both show the same signs of not being interested..
There are few people in this world more shy than me, especially when it comes to romantic situations, but when I'm interested in a man, I find ways of letting him know clearly. It could be he's so shy and insecure that he's too afraid to ask you out. But do you really want to date a guy who's afraid of you, can never relax around you, puts you on a pedestal and is threatened and terrified all the time of losing you? that's a horrible foundation for a relationship.

I think you should read a great book called "He's Just Not That Into You." It spells out how men behave when they are NOT into you in clear detail. If I could work my will, I would make it required reading for every teenage girl in the country.

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