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Re: Cuckold
Feb 10, 2007
Hey girl. I am right there with you! My boyfriend of several years has this fetish too (among countless others). I am the most normal, non-kinky person out there, and somehow I always stumble upon these ones. (My last boyfriend turned out to be a cross-dresser).

Now, I would never judge anybody, and I don't think there is any such thing as a bad fantasy, unless of course it involves hurting someone else. But my boyfriend, like yours, also doesn't understand how his cuckold preoccupation has hurt/is hurting our relationship.

I think the main disconnect here is that for some (a lot?) of men, they are totally ruled by their sexual fantasies. Maybe they can't help it? I don't know. Like the saying goes, men can only think with one head at a time. My boyfriend's fetish led to a lot of heartache for me. He wanted to watch me with his best first I was like :confused: But several months and lots of alcohol later, I gave in. Eventually, me and the friend started having an affair...I fell in love with him big time!

Then we recently confessed to my boyfriend what was going on. And you know his reaction? He was just upset that we "cut him out." He said he didn't mind if we slept together, as long as he got to watch every now and then. :rolleyes: Some people just don't get it. And even though he's told me he wants me to stop sleeping with his friend, he STILL talks about it and keep asking me if I'm going to sneak off and have sex with him again - in the tone of voice that makes me think that is what he secretly [I]hopes[/I] I will :dizzy:

In your case, I think you did the right thing to break up. The one thing that stands out to me is when you said he put your picture up on a swingers site without your permission and attempted to contact some people. Unacceptable!

It seems that (generally) men and women are wired differently. Women only see sex as relating to love, but men don't. I think just because your boyfriend has this fetish, and gets off on seeing you with other men, that doesn't mean he doesn't love you. My boyfriend loves me more than I can even believe. But I think that since your boyfriend tried to be sneaky and actually put your picture on a swingers site without your knowledge (what if someone recognized you??) that says more about his worthiness than they whole fetish thing.

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