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Feb 13, 2007
My ex-girlfriend has been trying to contact me lately. She asked me why I won't talk to her at all? Well I haven't even given her the time of day in responding.

The story is we dated for a year and half and she cheated on me and then we went back out for another 6 months. Then one day she wanted to go on a break and i realized that I didn't feel the same for her anymore after the trust was lost from the cheating. So I broke up with her.

We still talked and she wanted to get back together. Then one night at a party I found out she slept with one of my good friends after we broke up. Right there and right then i confronted them both and told them that I wasn't going to speak to either of them anymore. I wished my friend luck in the army and she walked away all pissed.

That was probably like 7-8 months ago. What do you think?

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