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My ex-boyfriend and I still talk. We had a nasty breakup early last summer and have since gotten past it and we talk some. I have seen him a few times out in public over the last couple of months and he always greets me with a hug. Well I was the one that ended the relationship (long story) but I wanted to get back together. He has known this since we started talking again. We both got hurt in the breakup. We seemed to be progressing well and then he tells me he wants to be alone because he doesn't know what he wants. I gave him some space and then sent him an email to tell him something that had nothing to do with "us" whatsoever. He started a 2 hour email conversation with me after that. Two weeks ago he sends me an email asking me to send him a text as soon as I get the email because he didn't save my # from the last time I texted him. He had gotten a new phone. He sent the text at 12pm.


Then the next night I send him a text and ask if he was mad and he said no but he now seems a little funny. After all this time we were doing so well and no he acts different. I was frustrated with him and let him know that because of the way he was now acting. I asked him (over the phone) why he came over and he said he had a bad week at work. I didn't understand what that meant but he kept saying it.


We had agreed to be friends before and we agree to just leave it at that. He says something at 1 point (it's not the 1st time he has either) about not wanting people at his work to know that he sees me or talks to me. I used to work there too but not anymore. I found that strange and it made me a little suspicious that there was someone else. I sent him a text on Valentine's Day and I didn't hear back from him. The next day he sends me a text telling me he didn't have his phone the day before. He is always loosing his phone so I didn't have any reason to doubt that. I was surprised that he even wrote back the next day at all since it really didn't matter anymore. I got suspicious that he might be dating someone


and I sent him a text and asked him. He said he was and that they had just been talking and now they are dating. Surprisingly I am OK with that. I have several reasons to believe that he still has feelings for me. This message is long enough so I won't list them now.

What I don't understand is if he was talking to and maybe dating her 2 weeks ago why did he come to me?? He could have gone to her. He knew I still cared about him but he chose to see me anyway. If he just wanted someone to make him feel better couldn't he have gotten that from her or someone else for that matter?? Now I know why he didn't want anyone to know he talked to saw me, he didn't want the new girl to know. If I wanted someone to make me feel better after having a bad week I would go to someone that I cared about, not somoene that meant nothing to me. I don't understand the mixed signals.

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