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Im sure alot of you are aware of my roomate- hes extremely loud and always has his door open. I have always noticed gay tendencies but I have never considered him being gay because he has a girlfriend.

However, after reading the other post about how a girl's boyfriend might be gay, I asked myself "is my roomate gay."

Heres my evidence:

- He loves cooking with a passion, he goes all out making huge dishes, making everything from scratch (lasanga, huge casseroles, salad dressing, sauces). I understand that cooking doesnt mean a whole lot but I have never known a guy his age that liked cooking this much.

-He has a feminine voice. I was the last person to move in the apartment, my other roomate met this guy and called me and told me his voice sounds like he is gay. I did agree but he had his gf with him so I assumed it was just a coincidence. Its definetly the sterotypical gay voice, high pitched.

-He listens to extremely feminine music. Since he is so loud, I get woken up by his music. I have been awaken to back street boys, nsync, and the worst was the titantic movie theme song. Keep in mind this guy is 22. BTW, since I got woken up, I went to the kitched afterwards and he was by himself, so its not like his gf was there listening to it.

-He also fights with his gf non stop. I would say they fight at least 80% of the time she comes over. Doesnt mean hes gay but if he doesnt want to be with a girl he might take it out on her.

-What got me thinking he was gay is what he bought home today. He has put candles and popuree (dont know how to spell it) all over the sink area. I dont think your average guy has candles and popuree. Again, his gf wasnt around today and I saw him light the candles so its not like she made him do it.

I cant believe it didnt occur to me sooner, I guess the fact that he had a gf never made me think about it.

What do you guys think?

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