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You need to break up with this guy and listen to your parents. They are correct. They love you, are putting a roof over your head and obviously care about you. Listen to your parents! You do need to get out, go to the gym, get a job, make some new friends ... just generally start to feel good about yourself again. Be thankful you have them in the house with you! So many women are in your shoes and have absolutely no in-house support.

I realize this guy was your "first" everything. You met when you were a child, tho. You still have your entire life ahead of you. The best years are still ahead of you, IMO. Look at it this way: Think about the way this guy has made you feel during high school, turning 18, turning 21. Do you want more of the same when you're 25, when you're 30, when you're 35? Life is really about milestones and achievements. How many more milestones and achievements do you want to sacrifice over somebody who makes you feel awful?

You need for something to make the light bulb go off for you and realize life is waaaayyy to short to put up with someone like this. The light bulb for me was when I was 20 and in an awful relationship. We were fighting more than we were getting along. I was crying more than I was laughing. One day, I was crying over this guy, and my little brother, who was seven at the time, asked me so innocently why I stay with someone who makes me cry all the time. I really had no answer for him. His question sure made me think, tho, and I dumped my ex the next day. I'm so glad, too, because I met my now-DH several months later, and he'd rather gouge out his eyes with an icepick than ever see me cry.

I hope the light bulb goes off for you very soon.

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