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Re: Sparks?
Feb 23, 2007
Some guys are just not touchy feely as we would like them to be. Women need the emotional and physical connection with the man they love. Men just are clueless and don't understand our needs. There are a few rare gems out there who are attuned to us and our needs. I had my share of these men who weren't there for me emotionally and I didn't get what I needed. The lucky part for me was I finally met such a rare gem. If I am sad he holds me and wipes away my tears, he talks to me and he listens to me. He will cuddle with me and just hug me and kiss me because he loves to do so. He lets me know every single day that he loves me. He isn't rich by any means and neither am I...but feel like we are the wealthiest people on the planet because of what we have found together. He gave me one of those Hallmark cards with the songs in it for Valentines Day. It was the sweetest thing he has ever done for me. He has done a lot for me but this tops them all. His card, which made some women at my work jealous and even teary eyed, said 'your eyes, your smiles, your touch, your kiss...' and then you open the card up and a song starts "all I want is to feel this way, to feel this close..." and the rest of the card says 'Love doesn't get any better than this!' What he wrote personally on the card is what got to them...'Happy Valentines day Sherry, with you I'm living a dream that I never thought possible. You are my best friend, my partner, my lover and without a doubt the best part of my life. "I love "u" baby" til the end. Love, Bob -07-' Now you tell me...isn't this a man of passion and romance and one who can let you know in no uncertain terms of what he is feeling? He also wrote me a song and is callling it "Crazy About Sherry" and is recording it this weekend in the studio. He is extremely talented and has a lot of songs he has never recorded or played out but now since we met he is inspired to bring them to life and record them onto a CD. Whether they ever get played out or not he isn't concerned with...he just wants to have his original music preserved.

This is the most romantic and sensitive man I have ever known in my life. I don't mean romantic in the sense of him showering me with gifts, flowers or candy. Just the way he looks at me and he takes me into consideration whenever he makes plans to do anything. He is sensitive to my needs and I think that is the way every guy who loves a woman should be. The same for a woman who loves a man. To have a truly healthy relationship you need openness, honesty, communication and love. Touch is one of the most basic needs of all humans. I love being touched and he knows that. He knows I love to be hugged and touched, kissed and caressed. He makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world and so very loved and wanted.

You have needs which aren't being met and I feel badly for you. I was in the same situation as you but I dealt with it until my relationship ended in divorce. You have to decide for yourself if this is the kind of relationship you want to be in and if you can deal with someone who isn't as affectionate as you'd like him to be. For me, I need affection and I need to know I am loved. If I had a man who couldn't show me any of that then I felt I'd much rather be alone because being with an emotionally distant man is much the same as being alone.

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