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My ex-cuckold
Feb 23, 2007
You might recall my previous post about breaking up with my cuckold-obsessed boyfriend.

It's so difficult. I still love him very much, and despite how angry he makes me, and how disgusted I am by him at times, I AM STILL WILD ABOUT HIM. He seems like he is still wild about me. He still calls, and sometimes we even fool around via our ******s.

I am not sure how to handle this situation. I want to be with him, and I hope we can work things out. Do I stop having contact with him? Or do we stay in contact? PLEASE help i am so lost as how to approach this.

it just doesn't seem right to cut him out. Is it selfish of me to still want to be his gf/wife/lover?

He's a jerk in so many ways...but I'll be danged for loving him. ANd I am so quick to forgive him. I treat him so much better than he treats me. I try to lead by example but does that really work??? Or do you think he'd respond better with the silent treatment?

And it is difficult because I enjoy talking to him dirty, even about cuckold situations, ON OCCASION. One it becomes an obsession, i am so grossed out and just dont want anything to do with it ever.

also, i have a christian background as well as medical so i know all about the mind-body connection, and keeping your thoughts pure, clean, and happy and how that relates to the body. so is it wrong for us to talk dirty? living in fear of hell isn't an easy road.

he and i want a lot of the same things, but when it comes to other things, are on different pages ahhhhhhh i cant think advice please

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