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Hm, just throwing this out there. I think I'm being perfectly fair... but hubby thinks it's unreasonable (surprise, surprise!).

Well, long story short - a few years ago he convinced me to try backpacking, I ultimatley hated it and decided I prefer lake camping or something that doesn't involve a 45lb bag on my back for a 4 mile hike in 90 degree weather to a lake that's just as nice :) I never downplayed or hid my dislike of backpacking since, and have made it abundandtly clear this may just be something he needs to do without me, and with his guy friends since it's really not that enjoyable for me.

That being said, he surprises me this weekend by saying he's trying to plan a trip with our mutual friends (MY best friend and her boyfriend) to do this same backpacking trip later this summer. I'm kind of floored, considering I've told him I don't want to do this again.

After being super angry as he went downstairs to get ready for a bike ride, I took a few, very long deep breaths, excused the fact that I felt extremely disrespected and ignored in this decision - and EXPECTED to come on this trip apparently - and told him once he came back upstairs that I'd thought up a 'compromise'.

I would go backpacking with them, ONLY, if he would take me to Disneyland for the SAME number of days we'd be on this trip (likely 3 or 4).

He doesn't like going to amusement parks due to lines and feels they're too expensive. Really doesn't like it.

So I usually plan these trips with friends, and have no problem doing so - and always have a blast as this is one thing that I *love* doing. I am like a kid again when I'm at Disneyland and it really lifts my spirits to try and go every few years since we're in California it's not a huge expense.

Anyway, he tells me that is a REALLY hard compromise (basically saying he's going to give up more by going to Disneyland for a few days, than me backpacking for a few days, which I feel is pretty equal since I hate it) and not fair.

Errrr. Right. As far as I'm concerned, despite him basically planning this with my friends, he can go himself and be the single guy. He whines about it, but frankly, if you go behind my back and plan a trip you know I won't like and don't want to do - suck it up. You planned it, you can go, and you can leave me at home if you're not willing to deal with the same amount of 'sacrifice' to do what I like to do.

I'm so annoyed right now, to just expect that I'd go along without even paying attention to the 50 times he's tried to bring it up and me telling him I literally 'hate' it, and 'don't want to do it again'. I have not minced words! I'm still open to camping, and doing day hikes and doing all of the nature stuff, just the backpacking part isn't my bag.

SHEESH. How .. presumptuous and selfish!!!!


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