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I have been with my boyfriend for almost 6 months now, but it's a long distance relationship. We see each other about every other weekend. My concern is my boyfriend's past. I grew up totally different from him and can't help but make judgments on him when hearing stories about things he did with friends, girls, etc. So here are some of the things: he got arrested for public intox and possession of weed and stayed in jail a couple of days, he used to have an anger problem and got into many physical fights because of it and had to take anger management classes, he was raised by an alcoholic and pretty much had to raise himself, he slept with a lot of girls (I'm afraid to ask the actual #), he just quit smoking weed after I met him, I haven't asked but I'm sure he experimented with other drugs, he did a lot of underage drinking and says he had to run from the cops a lot when parties were busted, he was jumped a couple of times, beaten up by a cop, got so drunk he was hanging from a beam on the ceiling of a bar, I mean just crazy things to me! This was all in his high school and college years, but the beam on the ceiling thing was last year. He has a good steady job, has quit the weed and when I talk to him every night during the week he's at home. When I don't see him on the weekend, he usually goes to a friend's house to play cards and drink. I just can't figure out why it bothers me so much when I hear a new story about something crazy that he did. Am I being too judgmental?

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