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Re: Why?
Feb 28, 2007
[QUOTE=DoubleMint;2828183]I can't do with out it and I'm scared that when things are over between us, that feeling will never return.[/QUOTE]

You said 'when' things are over. You can't go thinking in that way if you really want to be with him. It sounds like you're clinging to the feeling of happiness rather than him, or atleast primarily the feeling. As distance has been added now, i'd say you need to consider if you can cope as it is anymore. Theres nothing worse than being in a relationship for the sake of it and if you know thats whats happening, then you need to stop it for both you and your boyfriends sake. Everybody loves the feeling or being wanted and needed in this world, but it CAN be found with more than one person and you need to realise that.

[QUOTE=DoubleMint;2828183]I used to think that having someone tell me they love me and having someone to be with (romantically) would make me feel better about myself and would make my issues go away. Apparently I was very wrong....[/QUOTE]

Only you can truly solve your issues, but confiding in a friend you trust, a close family member or even a counseller about it will help you immensly - i'd strongly recommend it if you feel insecure enough for it to threaten a relationship and your happiness whether you stay with him or not.

Leading him to believe everythings fine comes with the craving to be happy i think. As you are now, the relationship you're in will eventually fail so decide WHAT YOU WANT before anything else - don't think about him, just what YOU want and how to get there. If it needs to end, as hard and scary it may be, it has to be done. You have to work on your insecurities before you can give happiness to anyone else. If you're not happy and at peace with who you are without having someone tell you, then whatever relationship you're in with [I]any[/I] man in the world, will just not be as bright and magical as it could be. By finding yourself, you'll find others, even if you're not looking ! Live your life for you and only you

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