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My boyfriend & I have been together for almost 3 years. He is 22 & I am 21. Generally he is a really great boyfriend, I know he loves me & I love him too:) BUT there are times when he can be really clingy & possessive. If we are fighting he will call non-stop, begging for our fight to be resolved. If I don't answer he will bang on my door, leave presents, letters or cards asking for forgivness. He says that when we fight he is scared that he will loose me & that he wants to resolve it right away. We have 'broken up' a couple of times & he bawls & begs me not to leave him. A few times he has said things like "if it wasn't for you & my mom I would probably kill myself" I don't know why he is like this, he has a good job, a few good friends, a decent social life (seperate from me), he maintains a good relationship w/his mom & sister (not so much w/his dad) & like I said [I]usually[/I] are relationship is great.

My family is a little apprehensive about him too. They like him as a person but when he goes into clingy mode & calls non-stop, rings my door bell in the middle of the night etc. my mom warns me that our relationship is unhealthy. In his defence he has never been physically abusive towards me, he has never tried to tell me what I can or cannot do or wear/see etc., he has never expressed any jealousy over male friends/co-workers & he is really great w/his mom (I have heard that you can tell how a man will treat his wife by the way he treats his mom)

Anyways..... Does this sound completley unhealthy to you? Should I run away while I still can? General thoughts?


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