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I need help,advice on how to talk to my gf if I did lie?
Alright, well I dont know if i've lied to my girlfriend, me and her were talking about feelings for past people, Is fantasizing about an ex gf thinking about them? because I've fantasized about an ex gf before me and my current gf went out, and I think was refering to fantazing when I said think about but i'm not sure..,but also I've thought about exs too, I have a paranoia of lying to my gf, did I lie to her?
I wouldn't leave her for any of my past ex gfs or crushes so i ment all that stuff.
do I sound like i've lost my mind :x? help please
Here is the convo to help explain
GF: do you still have feelings for anyone else?
BF: what do you mean
BF: like
BF: ex gfs?
BF: people that I liked, etc?
GF: ya
GF: people that you wanted to be with, or were with
BF: like what kind of feelings?
GF: that you still want to be with them
BF: none like that, I want to be with you.
GF: sure?
BF: I'd pick you over them if I had to choose
BF: I like you.
GF: =]
BF: I mean, i've thought about ex people but I like you
BF: i'd pick you over them
BF: :p
BF: me and you get along.

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