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Jealous girlfriend
Mar 5, 2007
Hi everybody. I'm a 20 year old and I've been together with my girlfriend for 2 years. Everything is going smoothly except for two things. We don't really have a lot of common interests. It's a lot of times we do stuff on our own. This is something we can manage with though, and isn't really my problem. My problem is that she tends to get very jealous. She can have nightmares about me having sex with one of my female friends and then almost act as if I had done it.

Furthermore, one girl in particular I get along with extremely well. It's not really love between us (I don't know if she feels the same for me), but if she wouldn't have her boyfriend and if I wouldn't have my girlfriend we could probably have been together. Of course, none of us are going to cheat on our partners ever, we respect our relationships greatly and would never dream of hurting someones feelings. But since I get along with her so very well I spend a lot of time with her and my girlfriend always finds this troublesome.

In short. I like to spend time with this girl, but my girlfriend has always been my top priority. If my girlfriend wants to have me home and I want to go out with my friend I've always stayed home with my girlfriend. I want her to stop being jealous and trust me (she says she trusts me but doesn't act accordingly). I want a healthy relationship. Please help me!

Edit: I talked to my girlfriend. We sorted everything out. To all of you I must say you didn't really help. Not like I thought atleast. Everything you wrote made me think. This is what happened. I'm even stronger bonded to my girlfriend now. And also, my friendship with this girl I mentioned is also stronger. I don't have THE feeling for her. If things had gone differently in the past then maybe. But today, no. I can see that most of you sided with my girlfriend, don't blame you. But of the two of us I have made a lot of sacrifices. She doesn't have a lot of friends and spends less than 5 hours with them a week. I spent lots of time with my friends, but not as much anymore, she demands me to be home a lot. I've cut back on everything I love to do because of her, because I love her and want her to be happy. So don't come and say anything suggesting I don't care about her. I deserve her as much as she deserves me.

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