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honestly i dont know what these girlfriends problems are. i have been dating a guy for a year now but was friends with him for a year before we went out so i have known him for 2 years. he has a male best friend along with other good male friends and he also has a female friend that is a really good friend of his. they do favours for each other. for example he used to be a DJ but he's not anymore. he now has a corporate job but he sometimes still DJs. he DJ'ed for my 21st last year and this good female friend of his owns a bar that you can use for functions. so he gave me her number and I called her and organised to have it at her bar. Obviously she was there for my 21st because it's her bar and I got along with her really really well. Since then, he DJ'ed at her bar last October for a fuction that she was having. He invited me along and she got up on the dance floor at one stage and asked me to come along and dance with her and a group of people. Then for New Years she asked him to DJ again and of course I went along and she gave me free drinks and everything. Last November my boyfriend lost his phone. We organised to go to the soccer on this particular Sunday. The night before the Soccer he realised he had a house warming party. It was his good female friends house warming party. It was organised a month ago and he put the date of the party in his phone but because he lost his phone he forgot about it. He didn't know what to do because we organised to go to the soccer and he felt really bad and didn't want to dissapoint me. I told him to go to the party because it was organised a while ago and there will be plenty of more times to go to the soccer. He apologised and I understood.
As this guys girlfriend, I would never tell him not to talk to his good female friend. She isn't a threat to me and I quite like her myself and when i see her we always have a laugh. I think these girlfriends of your guy friends are just a bit jealous. They need to understand that there will always be other females in their boyfriends lives whether they like it or not. There are work collegues, sisters friends ect. You can't avoid it. Also if these guys end the friendship with you, then obviously they are allowing their girlfriends to control them. I'm sure these girlfriends have male friends.

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