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[QUOTE=strawberry80;2844400]i was with my boyfriend for about 3 years and two months ago he but his hand on my cheek and shook me. when he relized what he was doing he stoped. he keeps begging me to go back with him. and somehow i do miss him and still care for him... but i can't forget what he did.. i don't know what to do part of me wants to go back (he knew how to make me laught,he was my first love) but then i think about what he did and i dislike him very much...[/QUOTE]

Do not take this Man back. miss him, but please Wake-up!

.........Anything that involves a man touching you when he is angry is a sign that he is.......abusive(at least that how they start)

Protect yourself..........Don't be too's just not worth it.

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