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Was this "wrong"?
Mar 9, 2007
well my boyfriend is the type to get mad over stupid little things that most people wouldnt even get upset over. i've been with him for over a year. yesterday we got in an arguement at my house and he took off with someone i dont know who. he didnt call me all night, then around midnight he called me and asked why i didnt bother calling and i told him he was the one who took off so he should of called then he just hung up. well he just bought this new camera phone and i decided to make up with him by sending him a picture of myself, basically naked, waist down laying down, i thought he would like it and i felt comfortable with him since we've been together awhile i'm not the type to do this with any guy. well i get this text mesaage from him saying 'so are you still like that?' it hurt me alot i felt embarassed and stupid for sending him it. but i was like what do you mean by 'still', he never replied, i am not like 'that' and i can count on one hand how many guys i've slept with before him. he really hurt me i feel wrong for doing this i dont know why because he's my boyfriend and i love him, so i was wondering what other people think and why he would say this to me, hes always been protective of me, hates me talking to any guys, and doesnt like the thought that YES, i HAVE had boyfriends before him! but i never cheated on him so it gives him no reason to think i was being trashy. why would he get so mad over this, i thought he would think its was sexy and like it. i know this sounds so childish but it hurt me ALOTT!

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